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Affiliates: Frequently Asked Questions

Program Overview

What is the Spotmau.com Affiliate Sales Program?

The Spotmau.com Affiliate Sales Program allows you to make money with your web site by posting links to our pages and products. It's easy, fast, fun, and potentially very profitable!

Becoming an Affiliate

Who can join our affiliate program?

Do you have a web site?
Do you want to bring more visitors to your site?
Do you want to make some extra money?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then YOU should join the Spotmau.com Affiliate Program!

How does it work?

Just add our links to your site, and when your visitors click through to our site and make a purchase, you get a piece of the action! Earn 30% of purchase price for each sale generated!

The more sales you generate, the more money you make!

We provide you with all of the tools you need to be a successful Spotmau.com Sales Affiliate - you can get new links to our site and access reports online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can see how well you're doing as an Affiliate. You just place your links and we take care of the rest: we handle taking the order, billing, shipment, customer service and technical support after the sale; you visit your mailbox once a month and pick up your commission check.*

We are here for you... YOUR success is OUR success!

Why should I join?

Spotmau Affiliate program provides great benefits to its partners:

Associate with an industry leader selling the hottest products for every PC user!
Increase traffic to your site by offering relevant content
Free to join and participate
Easy to maintain - We handle any customer service, post sales support and tracking of sales
Make extra money - Earn 30% of purchase price for all sales generated!

How do I get started?

If you alreday have Commission Junction Account Or Share A Sale, you can follow following steps to joins:

First Step: Login in the affiliate network you have
Sencond Step: Find our affiliate program by Merchant ID

* Merchant ID OF Commission Junction: 2431611
* Merchant ID OF Share A Sale: 7842

Third Step: Application and Join US!

Login in here:
Commission Junction
Share A Sale

If you don't have these affiliate networks yet, Just fill out an online application!
Choose the affiliate network you like:

Commission Junction
Share A Sale

Notice* A minimum of $25 in earned commissions is required for a check to be issued in Share A Sale.

Customer Reviews

"Thanks for making it so easy - best software purchase I've ever made." (United States)
"I have only basic knowledge of computers but have already fixed two machine, one of which the local PC workshop advised."(United States)

Editor Reviews

"The Program does an admirable job for retaining the original layout and graphics."