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PC Magazine Editor's Review

Editor Review: It's highly useful even if Windows doesn't load. Hard Disk Tools comes disk-partitioning partitioning manager, a hard drive rescue utility, a disk cloner and backup utility, a disk cloner and backup utility, and a data-wiping program.

Windows Recovery provides a tool for all Windows recovery. The Password Recovery utility finds your Windows Administrator and User passwords.

To me, the single most valuable utility category in the package is Data Recovery. This powerful feature gives you three options-Data Transfer, Unformat, and Undelete - all of which can provide enormous peace of mind if your PC has become unusable or if you've deleted files or even whole partitions that you desperately need.

TopTenREVIEWS Editor's Review

Editor Review: PowerSuite Professional 2008 is extremely user-friendly. Whether you possess basic computer skills or you are an advanced PC user this toolkit will not only meet your needs, it will exceed expectations!

supershareware.com (07/10/2010)

Spotmau Registry Cleaner 2010 has been awarded with 5 stars.

Filesforfree.com (05/09/2007)

Spotmau Data Recovery has been awarded with 5 stars.

com-download.net (14/12/2009)

Review: Spotmau PowerSuite.

I never stop telling people around me to purchase this magnificent product of Spotmau CD. The only CD with all necessary tools to analyze and cure a machine with troubles. Splendid, and anybody, even my grandfather, can work with this CD.

Rating: 5 STARS

Software Picks Networks (01/02/2007)

Editor Review: The Spotmau PowerSuite is one program that will help you to solve multiple PC errors and allow your machine to function at its optimum level. Whether you would like to manage your time well or recover data after a hard disk crash among others, Spotmau PowerSuite is the tool to use.

Software Picks (2010)

Review: All in all, Spotmau PowerSuite Home 2010 provides non-technical PC users with tools for maintaining, securing, and optimizing their PC.

Tech 21 Century (11/30/2009)

Review: Spotmau PowerSuite is the most preferable, all-in-one repair kit for your Windows operating system. It can boot up your crashed computer (the CD is bootable), then allows you to operate recovery tools to bring the machine back to normal operation, and perhaps even enhanced.

The most important thing is that PowerSuite2010 is quite easy to use, even newbies will love it. The tabs and simple icons it uses make it easy, the interfacing is organized and navigation is rather direct and very intuitive.

Customer Reviews

PowerSuite 2010 is so good for me - not a geek of computer. Howerever,it's also have very professional function but easy to use.— Saray.G (United States)

It's a terrible and boring thing to me to backup and backup my import data file one time a week. All this come from the anxiety of my unstable Windows. I fear that all my data lost when my windows crashed. Now I have a good way to keep my windows stable every day, your pc health check is every use to me. I have use your pc health check to check my computer every day now. I cannot leave him. I am not need to backup my file one time a week any more.— Jason (Australia)

New tuneup kit is so useful to me. My windows like a new after run tuneup kit, you know I have used my current Windows for two years without reinstallation. Your new powersuite 2010 is good, a real good product.— W. Blook (United States)

I don't know what I did but windows opened up. I immediately installed my spotmau cd. I scanned my registry and deleted everything that was on there and so far so good. I love your software. It really did help me. Thank you so much.— C. Klug (United States)

your cool product saved me hundreds of dollars again! My MS Office has been uninstalled by my naughty son yesterday. I would have to buy a brand new copy of Microsoft Office when I realized that I can no longer remember the product key. Fortunately, I found the MS Key Finder in your PowerSuite. All my computer product keys are displayed automatically in front of my eyes with just one click. It's just so simple that even my little son can get it.
I bought your PowerSuite several months ago because of the useful windows optimization features. I never thought it would save me hundreds of dollars again! I really enjoy this great product very much! — Jason (Australia)

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Customer Reviews

"Thanks for making it so easy - best software purchase I've ever made." (United States)
"I have only basic knowledge of computers but have already fixed two machine, one of which the local PC workshop advised."(United States)

Editor Reviews

"The Program does an admirable job for retaining the original layout and graphics."