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Which solution is the best for your computer?

Spotmau ultimate Windows troubleshooting utility suites enable even beginners to fix many critical computer problems. Prepare one for the worst misfortunes that may happen.

Feature Comparison

BootSuite 2011


PowerSuite 2011

PowerSuite 2011


PowerSuite Golden

PowerSuite Golden

Work Environment

Bootable CD/USB. If you can not enter Windows, computer crashes, or you want to work under boot environment, please chosse this version.


Work under windows environment, provide over 40+ hard disk utility and computer maintenance tools.


This is the bundle set of BootSuite and PowerSuite at a discount price.

Boot Up Any Computer




Rescue Computer Crashes, Bluescreen, Blackscreen




Super Data Rescue Package



Clone Hard Drive



Backup & Restore File and System



Partition, Format and Clean up Hard Drive



Wipe Entire Hard Drive or Partition




Reset Windows Password




PC Health Check




Optimize, Clean, and Speed Up Computer




Clean Up and Hide Private Stuff




Find Account Password & Office Product Key




Spotmau Secretary




Special Summer Discount Price

Each of individual tools costs about a hundred or more dollars. In this special holiday seasion, we offer you an amazing price you never dreamed of:



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Customer Reviews

"Thanks for making it so easy - best software purchase I've ever made." (United States)
"I have only basic knowledge of computers but have already fixed two machine, one of which the local PC workshop advised."(United States)

Editor Reviews

"The Program does an admirable job for retaining the original layout and graphics."