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How to Undelete Files on Computer within Seconds

Frustrating! Mistakenly delete my meeting report when cleaning junk files on the computer, and the Recycle Bin has been emptied. We all may have encountered this at some point. And some people may be in the habit of deleting files directly with Shit + Delete, which can delete files permanently skipping the Recycle Bin so that we don’t need to empty it. So, are they really deleted permanently and can’t be recover?

Not really. When you delete a file on the computer, your operating system only tells you that you get more free spaces to write new data. Actually the file is still there, you just can’t see it with your eyes. A deleted recovery or undelete software can help you find it back. Spotmau PowerSuite Golden is such the kind of software, which can help to recover your Videos, Pictures, Office files, Audio files, documents, etc. It’s a quite easy work, and you can find your deleted files within seconds.

Two steps to undelete files in Windows?

Launch this PowerSuite on your computer, go to “Data Recovery Kit”, and “Start Deleted Recovery”, which will rescue your deleted files including those deleted by pressing “Shiift+Delete” keys or by empting Windows Recycle Bin.


Note: Never install this PowerSuite Golden on the drive from which you want to recover data, also never save any data on the same drive from which you are recovering data.

Step1. Select a partition to scan

Select the partition where you deleted files. You can choose to scan for everything, or for specific file type that you want them undeleted, as well as set the file name and deleting time if you know exactly which file you want to recover. It will save you much time to scan the only targeted file instead of everything. Now hit the “Scan”.

undelete files

Step2. Begin deleted recovery

When the scan finished, you can choose your desired files for recovery. All files remain the original names, which makes them easy to tell from. If there are still too many files, you can select them by filter. You can set which file type or format you want or don’t want.

undelete software

undelete file

Use the “Filter Options” to simplify the result by setting the Extensions, Date and Size for the files. If your files are:
Pictures: you can check the format here, such as BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, RAW file, or EPS file.
Music: you can appoint to recover MP3 file, OGG file, WAV file, MID file, or AU format sound.
Videos: you can choose to get back AVI file, MOV file, MPG file, RM file, SWF file, or WMV file.
Documents: you can recover your Microsoft Word Document, PowerPoint Document, Excel Diagram and Excel Table, or TXT file, RTF format, WPD file, etc.
User Items: or you can define other file types by yourself for your own convenience, if the existing types are not enough.

OK. Now you only need to get a place for your deleted files on your computer. For safety, you’d better not store your recovered files on the same partition that you are scanning. Then hit “Save”, the deleted files will be back on your computer by this undelete tool.

Tips: Do not defragment your hard drive in a deleted rescue situation. Doing so will likely remove all remnants of the file you are trying to rescue. Besides that, please do not do any operation for writing on source disk, because this operation may cause data loss and reduce rescue ratio.