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How to Recover Lost Word Documents with Word Recovery

Oops! My term paper disappeared from my computer! I’ve prepared it nearly for a month and need to submit it to my professor this weekend. So frustrating! Any help? I would be very, very appreciated! Please!!

It’s really depressing to experience such kind of thing, especially when you are near there after lots of hard work on it. At that moment, you need to be calm down, and keep your computer as the original when you find your important files lost, which will ensure you a higher ratio to get it back. Try to find out how you lost your files, and then get the proper solution. If you have no idea, you need to try your solutions one by one.

Solution 1. Search it on your computer

If you don’t know why your Word document is missing, the first thing you need to do is searching it on your computer, to ensure that you didn’t move it to other place. Click “Start” > Search, typing the name of your Word file is OK.

Solution 2. Search it in your Recycle Bin

Don’t forget to check your Recycle Bin, in case of accidental deletion at some point. Open the Recycle Bin on your computer and view all the deleted files to pick out the one to recover if it’s the one you are looking for.

Solution 3. Use a Word recovery

If you still can’t find it, you are suggested to use a Word file recovery, which can help to recover lost Word files, including deleted Word, formatted Word or Word lost for other reasons. Spotmau PowerSuite Golden is such a kind of Word recovery, actually more than a Word file recovery if you have tried it. Let’s take it as an example to retrieve your Word document.
Attention: Never install it on the drive from which you want to recover data, also never save any data on the same drive from which you are recovering data.

Install and launch this PowerSuite on your computer, and go to “Data Recovery kit”.

word recovery

If you didn’t format your hard disk recently, you can try Deleted Recovery as the first choice. Select to scan for documents, or directly input your file’s name to scan it, and this will be the quickest way for you to recover deleted Word files.

word file recovery

After the scanning done, if there are many documents back, you can set .doc as the file format by the “Filter” to get your desire one for recovery. Then you only need to hit “Save” to recover it. And that’s Okay.

recover deleted word

recover lost word

If your files lost due to formatting, you can try Formatted Recovery with the similar steps above. This PowerSuite Golden also can recover other types of files deleted or formatted on your computer, such as videos, pictures, music, etc. Various formats of these file types are supported.