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How to Clone a Disk to Disk in Windows

Why need to clone disk?

When you need to upgrade your old hard disk, or backup operating system hard drive to a new bigger one for your computer, how do you make an identical copy, or how safely upgrade your operating system, especially for Windows 7 upgrade without bootable failure issues? There is no doubt that most of users want to clone disk which contains the original Windows system to another disk for a backup. Then you can restore your Windows when the upgrade fails. And absolutely cloning the entire disk is the best and fast solution for disk backup.

How to Clone a disk to disk in Windows?

With the help of a disk copy software, it can be an easy job. There are actually plenty of such tools, but to choose an effective and professional one is very important, because this may cause your data loss, or Windows damage. If you still have no idea, you can try Spotmau PowerSuite Golden, which can help you completely copy your disk to another without data loss with 3 steps.

OK, let’s take a try step by step. Running the PowerSuite, go to “Disk Management”, and choose “Clone Genius” and hit on “Clone Entire Disk”.

 clone partition

Step1. Choose the source disk

Here you can check all disks existing on your computer, including external disk. Then choose the one you are going to copy and hit “Next”.

clone disk

Step2. Choose the destination disk

Select the destination disk where you are about to copy your source disk to, and then hit on “Next” to proceed the cloning. When you are doing this step, you need to confirm that the space of the destination disk should be larger than the source one, or the cloning will fail.

copy disk

When the above steps are confirmed, the clone process will be completed in a few minutes. There will be a progress bar displaying the process of clone, and you also can check the disk information and time left through the text content displaying. Moreover, if you only want to clone the partition of operating system or other ones, you can do it by choosing the “Clone A Partition”.