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How to Clone a Partition for Data Backup

Why need to clone partition?

General speaking, cloning a hard drive partition can be very useful. You can make a backup easily for distribution of an identical environment to multiple computers, backup your Windows partition for restore without any cost when you upgrade your hard drive or your computer crashes, easily transfer your big amount of data without copying files or folders one by one, and more. So cloning a partition can be a precaution or a solution of your data issues.

How to clone/copy partition to a new hard drive?

PC users can benefit a lot from partition to partition copy, but Windows does not provide any way to clone a partition for easy backup. Then we can adopt partition clone software. Spotmau PowerSuite Golden brings a friendly disk management kit, which can help to mirrors everything including data, files, settings, programs and Windows from an old hard drive/partition to a new one via clone a partition, even entire disk.

 clone partition

Step1. Choose a source partition

Choose “Clone A Partition”, and then you can check the disk and partitions on your computer here. If there are more than one disk on your computer, select the one where your source partition is located, and then select the partition on the panel and hit “Next”.

copy partition

Step2. Choose a destination partition

Choose the partition where you will clone the source partition to. Just as the first step, select the disk and then choose the destination partition. Make sure that the space of the destination partition should not be less than the source partition’s, or your partition clone will fail. Then hit “Next” to proceed.

 partition to partition

Step3. Start to copy partition table

The cloning time depends on the partition size. Generally it’s fast and will take a few minutes. During the process, you can check the progress via the progress bar and text displaying.

copy partition table

If you want to clone the entire disk from your old computer to a new one, you can choose the “Clone Entire Disk”, which takes the similar steps as above to help you complete disk copy easily and fast without any data loss.