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How to Delete Partition in Windows 7/XP/Vista

Just as deleting a file or a folder, you also can delete a partition with 1 click with the help of partition software. Spotmau PowerSuite Golden is such a kind of one which can help you to delete partition in Windows 7/XP, Vista, etc. with only one click on “Delete”.

When try to delete a partition, the first important thing you need to know is that all data on the partition will disappear along with the partition deleting. So you have to back up data on the partition you are going to erase. You can copy files one by one from the partition to another one. It just takes you long time if there is a ton of data. Actually, the PowerSuite Golden offers you an easier way to clone the partition to another one directly, which saves you time and makes sure no data loss during the backup.

1 click to backup your partition and another 1 click to delete partition

1 click to backup partition

Launch PowerSuite Golden, go to “Disk Management”, and then choose “Clone Genius”, which can help to copy everything including data, files, settings, Windows, and programs from your one partition to another. Also you can clone your entire disk if you have a need. Hit “Clone A Partition” to backup your partition. Hit “Clone Entire Disk” to backup your whole disk.

 delete partition

1 click to delete partition

After your partition backup, go to “Partition Genius”, choose the partition you want to delete and find “Delete” from the drop-down list of “Partition Management” menu, and hit it.

 how to delete partition

When you are trying to delete the partition, there will be a pop-up message telling you that your deleting performance will delete all data on the partition, and you need to confirm that you really want to execute it. If your answer is yes, hit the Yes. Then the partition is deleted in seconds, and you will also find it disappeared on the partition list.