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How to Convert FAT to NTFS without Losing Data

Why need to convert FAT to NTFS?

Some people may have a question on converting FAT to NTFS: Why we need to convert it? There are actually three file systems for hard disk partitions: NTFS, FAT and FAT32. NTFS is the one to be recommended, because it’s more powerful than FAT or FAT32, and offers you features such as Active Directory as well as other important security features.

How to change FAT to NTFS?

If you are using FAT as your file system and you want to convert it to NTFS, there are three ways for you to do it.

Way 1. Convert FAT to NTFS file system by formatting

You can convert FAT to NTFS by formatting the partition. You must back up your data before you do it, because the risk of losing your data is very high. And the conversion process will take you a long time, but it actually a way that can convert your FAT to NTFS

Way 2. Convert FAT to NTFS using Command Prompt

Click on “Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt”, and then type: convert C: /fs:ntfs. This command can be used to convert your drive C. The most important point is that this is a one way process and once converted, you cannot convert it back to the earlier file system.

Way 3. Convert FAT to NTFS with partition software

The best time-saving and simple solution is using partition software, such as Spotmau PowerSuite Golden, which can help you directly convert FAT to NTFS without losing data.

Launch PowerSuite, go to “Disk Management” and choose “Start Partition Genius”. Select the FAT partition that you want to convert, and click on “Partition Management > Convert”. Then set the file system as NTFS and hit on “OK”. A few minutes later, your FAT file system will turn to be NTFS. What’s more, you can convert it back to FAT if you have a need later.

convert fat to ntfs

Before you begin the conversion, it is recommended to backup your vital files to an external hard drive or another computer. The convert process will work 99.9% of the time without fail, but it's always a good precaution. This PowerSuite Golden also offers you the partition clone features, and you can clone the partition or disk with one click.