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How to Format Partition in Windows 7/XP/Vista

Why need to format partition?

Generally, all hard disks should be formatted before use, so formatting is the basic operation for a hard drive. But sometimes, we also need to format a partition for various reasons, such as when we want to convert the file system, adjust the size of a partition, etc. Formatting a partition can be very easy, but you need to know that it will erase all your data on the partition. So the first important thing you need to do is to backup your important files.

Spotmau PowerSuite Golden is nice partition software, which can help you back up your partition or disk with 1 click, as well as format partition with 1 click. Here let’s check how to backup partition and how to format partition with 1 separate click.

1 click to backup partition content

Launch Spotmau PowerSuite Golden, go to “Disk Management” and find “Clone Genius”. Here two options for you to backup your partition or your whole disk. No matter which one you choose, it can help you mirrors all contents of your partition or disk, including data, folders, files, programs, settings, Windows, etc. You only need to click “Clone A Partition”, or “Clone Entire Disk”.

 format partition

1 click to format partition in Windows 7/XP

Finishing your data backup, go to “Partition Genius”, choose “Format” from the drop-down menu of “Partition Management”. On the pop-up windows, you can check the partition’s information, such as capacity, file system, allocation unit size and volume label. If you want to convert the file system from NTFS to FAT, or FAT 32, you can set it here, as well as adjust the size.

 how to format partition

As to the “Format Options”, you are supposed to check “Enable Compression”, which will help you save your disk space when you are writing data in. Of course, you also can only execute this compression if you just want to extend more space and don’t want to format partition NTFS or FAT.