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How to Install or Replace Hard Drive

Several things you must know about your hard drive:

1. Hard drive is a fragile device. It can be damaged by shaking, kicking, or frequently moving your computer around.

Lesson: Do not disturb your computer while your hard drive is spinning.

2. Hard drive is composed by lots of small sectors. One or more sectors might go bad occasionally. One symptom from bad sectors is your hard drive may appear to run very slowly and take very long time to access files. If you are lucky, you only lose the data stored on these bad sectors. However if these bad sectors affect system files, your computer might become unstable or even crash in the next second. Shocking truth is that every hard disk in the world (except the complete NEW disk just came out of factory) has bad sectors. Don’t be afraid. Just like your breakfast table cannot be 100% dirt free. Follow these steps and you can still enjoy your happy day.


• Perform disk error check often. Use "Disk Optimization" in Spotmau PowerSuite Golden to perform disk cleanup, error checking, and defragment. Error checking can automatically find bad sectors and repair them.

• Recover Windows or data if system or disk crashed. “Use Data Rescue” in Spotmau PowerSuite Golden to rescue your lost data from any hard disk even crashed disk.

Steps to install a new hard drive

Installing a new hard drive contains two parts – physical installation and software preparation.

Not a handy guy and afraid of the physical part? Don’t be! It is a medium level job. Just keep in mind that you can save around $100 technician fee if you install it by yourself. Click here for the detail picture-based step by step instruction.

Now you got a hard drive installed inside your computer. What next? Depends on how you want to use your newly installed disk, you got following procedures to prepare your new hard drive for use.

• If you are replacing your primary hard drive, you can clone your old disk to your new disk. Clone means copying everything including Windows, software applications, and data. No need to reinstall Windows and software applications, which might take you half days. And if you lost the license keys for Windows or software, you are in trouble. You need bootable clone software. With Spotmau PowerSuite 2010, this can be done very easily. Spotmau PowerSuite Golden is a bootable CD and provides “Clone Genius” under Windows and under Boot environment.

Lesson: Spotmau PowerSuite Golden does save your time!

• If you are replacing your primary hard drive and you want to install a fresh Windows. Sometimes you have to go through these painful steps if your old hard drive is crashed or broken completely. The good thing about installing a fresh Windows is that a freshly Windows always run faster than an old Windows. Just like any human being, young people are always more energetic than senior because human being and Windows accumulate lots of toxic wastes (debris, corrupted files, obsolete trace files, registry errors, etc. in Windows). The good news if you can perform Windows cleanup and optimization on regular basis, your Windows can stay fresh and young forever. Use “Windows Optimization” in Spotmau PowerSuite Golden , you can always have a fresh computer running as smooth as the first time.

Lesson: Clean up and optimize your Windows as often as possible by using Spotmau Windows Optimization

Let’s get back to installing fresh Windows. First and most important question is do you still have the license key for your Windows? A Windows license costs several hundred dollars. If you lost it, do not be afraid. We can get it for you. Spotmau PowerSuite Golden provides a very cute tool to retrieve Windows license key for the Windows installed on your hard drive. This tool also works under two modes – under Windows and under Boot environment. So if your Windows or hard drive crashed and you can not get into Windows, you can boot from Spotmau PowerSuite Golden and takes you Windows license key out. Pretty cool!

Lesson: Keep track of the license keys for important software such as Windows and MS Office. They are not cheap!

Partition your hard disk first. Optimally arranging your disk allocation can boost disk performance. Arranging your system and data smartly can even save your life when Windows becomes unstable or crashes. One common partition way is to separate system (including Windows and software applications) from data by storing them in different partitions. If the system partition corrupted, you can still have your data unaffected. And recovering one partition is always faster than recovering the entire hard disk. Furthermore partition can let your computer run faster since it provides a higher level directory control in your disk. Imagining if your system knows the data needed to be used now is in certain partition, searching inside one partition is always faster than searching the whole disk. Use “Partition Genius” in Spotmau PowerSuite Golden , you can create, split, merge, and resize your partitions and even more. Spotmau Partition Genius works under two modes – under Windows and under Boot environment. For a newly installed hard drive with no Windows, partition under boot environment becomes especially useful.

Lesson: Partition your hard disk. It makes your disk run faster and might save your life when something crashes.

• If you are installing a secondary hard drive, do not forget to format and partition your hard drive using "Partition Genius".


Congratulations, your new hard drive is ready to use now! Your computer and Windows need lots of tender love. Maintaining a smoothly running computer is a tedious work and it can become very complicated. You need system optimization tools to keep it running smoothly and fast, disk management tools to manage or backup your data and disks, emergency rescue tools to rescue your Windows or data when your computer crashes, privacy and security tools to protect your private and confidential data from being accessed by others online or nearby. Spotmau PowerSuite Golden is an all-in-one suite providing all these functions. Spotmau understands a PC owner’s needs and designs this one stop solution. It is high quality and can meet any tech professional’s standard. Yet it is user friendly and easy for a PC beginner.

Before you install and replace the hard drive, make sure you backup all the passords that you need. You may forget some like IE passwords, as you are easy to rely on IE AutoComplete. Spotmau PowerSuite Golden can also help you recover IE passwords easily as well as others, such as MSN, Yahoo Messenger, MS Access, Outlook Password etc.


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