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How to Merge Partitions in Windows without Data Loss

The hard disk on the computer is just like a house with different-sized rooms. It has different partitions to load your all files. When you are running out of space on one partition, there is the problem that you want to extend it by merging two partitions, no data loss which would cost you dollars to retrieve your lost data.

To merge partitions without data loss, you’d better choose a professional partition program. If you haven’t chosen one yet, Spotmau PowerSuite Golden can be a nice one, which can help to merge your partitions in 2 steps. Let’s try how to merge partitions in Windows 7/XP/Vista step by step.

Step1. Choose the partition for merging

Launch the PowerSuite, go to “Disk Partition” and choose “Partition Genius”. Select the partition you are going to merge with another, and then hit “Partition Management > Merge”. The there will be a pop-up message recommending you to check the partition before operation, you can choose “Yes” to do it, which only takes you seconds, or directly choose “No” to skip it.

merge partition

Step2. Combine partitions

Choose the adjacent partitions to merge with your selected partition. One of the partitions will be extended, and the other will be shrunk. Such as the image below, merge partition I with partition F. Then the content of partition I will be merged into partition F as a folder. Here the folder is named I_1343. Then hit “OK”, when the merging finished, you’ll find the folder named I_1343 is located at the root directory of partition F.

merge partitions

Note: If you still worry about your important data loss during the process, you can choose to backup them, and this PowerSuite Golden also provides you with a great partition clone function. With one click, you can backup your partition or entire disk content perfectly. So there is no worry anymore.

 combine partition

In addition, you also can resize, split, delete, create or format your partitions with this PowerSuite Golden. It offers you a complete disk management toolkit, no matter the hard disk on your computer, or the other storage media, such as external hard disk, USB drive, and so forth.