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How to Split Partition in Windows 7/XP/Vista

Hey Guys!
I have Windows 7 installed in my computer. By mistake I created only two partitions when I wanted three partitions. The second partition is very large. I want to split the partition but the problem is I have data in that partition. Is it possible to split the partition without losing data? Please help! I don't have any backup device or extra hard disk drive...! Thanks in advance!

Many people want to split partition for various reasons, such as there is only two partitions on the hard disk and they want more partitions to store different files. There are many partitions software on the market, while the point is which one can work better, because there may be huge data on the partition, and no data loss is always the key. Spotmau PowerSuite Golden can help you achieve it in 2 steps.

How to split partition in Windows 7/XP/Vista?

Install and launch Spotmau PowerSuite Golden on your computer.

Step1. Select the partition

Go to “Disk Management” and choose “Partition Genius”. Then select the partition you will split, and hit “Partition Management > Split”, or you can simply right click on the selected partition and choose “Split”. There will be a message recommending you to check the partition before splitting; you can spend seconds to execute it by hitting on “Yes”, or just skip it by hitting on “No”.

split partition

Step2. Set the size

On the pop-up windows, the free space of the partition is displayed and you can set the size of the new partition you are about to split. After setting it, hit “OK”, and then the splitting will complete in minutes.

split partition windows 7

When the splitting finished, there will be a new partition on your hard disk and it’s unformatted. So you need to format it before using it. This disk management also can do it for you. Right click the partition and choose “Format”, and it be formatted in seconds.

The PowerSuite Golden only splits the free space, which will not risk your data. But if you’re still afraid of it, you can backup your data first. This partition tool also can help you clone your partition or entire disk with one click without any data lost.