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Digital River Visited Spotmau, Inc to Discuss the Market Expansion Plan

On the January 9th, 2009, Mark Iverson, the vice president of Digital River, Inc which is our close strategic partner, visited Spotmau, Inc with other three people, to discuss the market expansion plan in the coming year.

Digital River, Inc is a quoted company in USA. Its headquarters is located in Minneapolis, while its offices are separately located in Chicago, Mountain View of California, London and Colonia in Germany. Digital River, Inc has seven companies as follows: RegSoft,RegNow , DigiBuy , eMetrix , Qwerks , SetSystem ,SWReg . It is our important strategic partner oversea, with whom we have built a good and stable cooperation relationship.

In the meeting, the representatives of Spotmau, Inc did some depth discussions and exchanges with Mark Iverson who is the vice president of Digital River Inc, Inc, Brant Pallazza who is the vice chairman of Digital River, Inc, Vincent Shih who is the market majordomo and Wu Yiting who is the manager of shareware operations. They reached an agreement on how to make better use of Digital River platform to increase the competitiveness of Spotmau, and reached an agreement on the cooperation plan in the coming year.

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