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Spotmau Raises The Bar to a Whole New Level

Spotmau's brand new all-inclusive design –2009 version -- has been on the market! It combines all the important components of the old versions into one seamlessly integrated, simple-to-use system; also its dispatch board has been significantly enhanced! With the board layouts now consist of four parts: Self Service, Free Support, Emergence Support and Local Service, Spotmau offers you not only professional solutions to solve your PC problems but also a computer service platform to extend your business!

Spotmau’s dispatch board is now more powerful and flexible than ever!

  • Self Service-- Fix the PC by yourself with award-winning Spotmau repairing tools.

    This powerful utility includes two parts: PowerSuite and Software Management

    PowerSuite can help you optimize and speedup Windows, back up your entire Windows or core parts of it such as DPT (Disk Partition Table), registry and MBR (Master Boot Record) when your Windows gets corrupted or unstable, backup partition/disk and important data, recover the data on the partition/disk, blank your Windows admin/user password, find out the MS Products key and password of Email, MSN, Google Talk, IE AutoComplete etc. resize/split/merge/convert partition, protect your important data and privacy.

    Software Management offers users a complete range of Must-Have software and Editor's Pick Software. You will find it easy to know and freely download the most popular software at any time. Software Management will keep pace with network fashion and bring you the first experience with the newest and most secure all-free software.

  • Free Support– Professional technique support. All Free!
  • Emergence Support– Answer your questions instantly. Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Local Service – Bring your PC to local store. Door to door service!

With an amazing array of all the above new features and enhancements to make your efficiency and profits soar, Spotmau is the most feature-packed version ever released! It is truly an understatement to say that no other software in the service industry comes close to the power, flexibility, and functionality of Spotmau. Spotmau has long been the software against which all others are compared, and now Spotmau raises the bar to a whole new level!

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