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Spotmau PowerSuite Professional 2008 & Spotmau PowerSuite Home 2008

On January 4, 2008, Spotmau released the latest products-Spotmau PowerSuite Professional 2008 & Spotmau PowerSuite Home 2008.
These two products are basically the same with the former having slightly more functions than the latter. Spotmau PowerSuite Professional 2008 includes all the functions of 2007 version, while Spotmau PowerSuite home 2008 inherits most important functions of 2007 version that are necessary for a home user. As upgraded versions, they are much safer and more stable to use. As an all-in-one suite, either of them is a complete and optimal solution to almost all your pc problems, no matter how desperate your situation is.

Their key features are:

  • Windows Doctor
  • Windows Recovery
  • Windows Backup
  • Password Recovery
  • Security & Privacy
  • Clone Genius
  • Data Genius

However, these features do not say enough of how powerful these two products are. There are more in it waiting for you to find out.

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