OEM Partner Program

If you are a software or hardware vendor, our Spotmau OEM Program is your ideal choice. You can integrate or bundle Spotmau products with your own solutions and provide your clients with these value-added solutions from the following aspects:

  1. Extremely low pricing based on significant volumes;
  2. A company's identity, such as look or logo, can be implemented into the software;
  3. Customizations. Additional functions may be built-in to the product by demand.

For more information, please contact our Business Development Manager from here.

Customer Reviews

" In all my years I have not ever seen any software that worked as well as yours has for me and I will be very, very happy to recommend it to any and everyone that needs help such as I did.

Thank you very very much for your software. " (United States)
" Thanks for making it so easy - best software purchase I've ever made. " (United States)
" I have only basic knowledge of computers but have already fixed two machine, one of which the local PC workshop advised that the hard disk beyond redemption. " (Australia)
" I never stop telling people around me to purchase this magnificent product. The only CD with all necessary tools to analyze and cure a machine with troubles. " (United Kingdom)