Reseller Program

Spotmau Reseller Program is suitable for many different walks of life. If your operations match one of the following descriptions, we sincerely invite you to be part of our success.

  1. IT service: System Integrator, IT consultant, Solutions Provider or Computer Repair Service.
  2. Manufacture: Computer Manufacture, Computer Parts Manufacture or Peripheral Equipment Manufacture.
  3. Sales Company: Distributor, Retailer or Reseller.
  4. Related to Campus: College Student, Faculty or Educational Institution.

To discuss the various options of such a partnership with us , please contact our business development manager through the email

Key Benefits of being a Spotmau reseller:

Our commitment to Resellers provides you with real benefits so you can develop achieve and maintain significant margins.

  1. Free and easy to join in
  2. No minimum sales quotas
  3. Get 50% or More discount based on the sales volume
  4. Enjoy Uninterrupted 24/7 Technical Support
  5. Get your money back if qualified
  6. Send the download link and license key instantly
  7. Access to NFR copies for evaluation
  8. Access to a great amount marketing materials
  9. List partner on
  10. Set your own reseller price
  11. Customize product or brand if necessary
  12. And more...

How do I become a Spotmau reseller?

Becoming a Spotmau Reseller is easy. Simply submit the Reseller Application Form accessed through the email button below.

We will then review your application and arrange for you to be contacted by an Account Manager the next working day. They will then guide you through the approval process and remain your primary contact at Spotmau.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page.