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All about MS Access Password Recovery

Microsoft Office Access (known as Microsoft Access also), is a relational database management system from Microsoft. We always create strong access password which included alphanumeric and special characters, and we encrypt the database by setting a password so as to prevent unauthorized use of the MS Access database also.

If you know the password for an encrypted database, you can also decrypt the database to remove its password. But if you forget the access password to your own files, do you know how to recover your MS Access database password? You can lose access to your crucial information, which might be required to be readily available to you for proper functioning of various organizational operations. So this article is mainly to guide you on how to recover MS Access password, with a MS Access Password Recovery Tool.

MS Access Password Recovery Tool

Today our recommended Access Password Recovery Tool is Spotmau PowerSuite Golden. It can help you recover and find passwords in seconds, including MS Access Password. With its user-friendly wizard interface, it is so easy and quick to recover your access passwords.

How to recover MS Access password step by step:

Step 1: Install PowerSuite Golden Tool

Download and install Microsoft Access password recovery software, then run on it. Hit "Password Kit" Tab on the main window, and choose "Password Finder" to find "Access Password".

access password recovery

Step 2: Browse and select file

Click "Next" button to continue, and use browse option to open your Access file from your local drive.

ms access password recovery

Step 3: Search Access password

After you choose the Access MDB file, the tool will start searching for your password. Then your password will display in an easy to read format. Hit "Export" button to save your passwords in txt format.

Note: It is important that the password you are trying to recover is stored on your computer.

More about Access Passwords:

Microsoft Access files can be protected with the help of two different types of passwords as below.

Database Password: Also known as share-level passwords, this type of password protection is used in MS Access 95 and later versions. You will not find this type of password protection in Microsoft Access version 2.0. These passwords are stored in the databases. Although this password is encrypted, still it can be extracted and decrypted speedily if your database is in Access version 2003 or any older format.

User Password: This type of password protection is used in Access 2003 and earlier versions. You will not find user passwords in Access version 2007. In this user-level password security system, as you start the application, you are authenticated to log on with your password.