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How to Control IE to Remember Passwords

We all know that Internet Explorer has a function to remember passwords, called Auto Complete. It’s quite convenient, but it’s dangerous. How to make it more secure? The following will give you instructions.

The AutoComplete passwords is both convenient and dangerous.

It can be very frustrating to sit down at the computer and try to access your bank web site, your eBay account, or some other websites you have registered for, thinking hard to recall which username and password is the right one. With the Auto Complete feature which Internet Explorer offers, it can help to remember passwords.

Unfortunately, it is also a security risk. The Auto Complete feature in Internet Explorer can save Web addresses, form data, and access credentials such as usernames and passwords. The information will be automatically entered every time you visit the site. Therefore, the information will also be automatically entered for anybody else who sits down at your computer and access those websites.

As a result, we have to control what information the Internet Explorer Auto Complete feature stores, or turn off AutoComplete completely for the security sake, and get a password managing tool such as PowerSuite Golden software to instead of the AutoComplete passwords function.

Instructions to Control IE to Remember Passwords

The following steps will show you how to turn off the Auto Complete function:

1. Open the Internet Explorer browser window. Click on Tools.

2. Click on Internet Options.

3. On the Internet Options configuration console, click on the Content tab.

4. In the AutoComplete section, click on the Settings button.

5. Now you can select or de-select various types of information to store in the Auto Complete function. For example, web addresses stores URL's which you type and automatically tries to complete them. Forms stores data such as your address and phone number to try to help populate form fields.

6. User names and passwords on forms stores the usernames and passwords for sites you visit and automatically enters them when you visit the site again. There is a sub-option to check so that Internet Explorer will prompt you each time rather than automatically saving passwords. You can use this function to control the Auto Complete feature, by not saving passwords for more sensitive sites such as your bank account.

7. If you want to turn off AutoComplete entirely, you can de-select each box.

8. If you want to keep to remember passwords like IE AutoComplete, you can download a password managing tool such as PowerSuite Golden software.