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How to Find Email Password

Forgot your email password?

As is known to all, it is impossible to access the email account without the correct login password. But we are all human beings, and most of us forgot email passwords once or twice. Why does it happen? According to the statistics, there are two main reasons to forget passwords usually. The first one is too much reliance on memory cells. The second, uninhibited use of the "Remember Me" or equivalent feature. Fortunately, most of the popular services are available to regain control of the account when the users forgot the email password.

Instructions to Recover Email Password:

Before recovering the email passwords, make sure the Caps Lock and the number lock keys are turned off, for the reason that the password is case-sensitive. If it's a brand new email account of a service such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo, just forget about it, because it will be closed by the service after some time. You can get a new email account and, this time, do not forget email password again.

If the email account is set a very long time ago, and now you couldn’t recall the password, you can try to find email password by either answering the security questions or having it sent to the alternative email address which you provided at the time of sign up. Have no secondary email or forget the secret questions? Calm down. You still have chances to recover email password.

For the users who have phpMyAdmin access to their database, they can recover email password with the following method.

1. Go to the phpMyAdmin and log in.
2. Open the databases.
3. A list of databases will appear.
4. Choose your email website database.
5. All the tables in your database will appear. If not, press Structure.
6. Look for the wp_users file.
7. Click the icon for browse or structure.
8. On user_login, press browse and find the ID number associated with your login.
9. Remember the ID number.
10. Go back to the wp_users table.
11. On the user_pass field, press the browse button and look for the ID number associated with your login.
12. Edit the window.
13. Next to the ID number is a long list of numbers and letters. Choose and delete these and type in your new password.
14. Press the 'Go' button.
15. Test the new password on the login screen. If it doesn't work, please repeat the steps above once again.

If you don't use phpMyAdmin before or you think the method above is too complicated. Actually, there is an easier way to find email password. With the PowerSuite Golden software, you are able to recover your email password in seconds, but make sure the password you are trying to recover is stored on your computer.