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How to Find Wifi Password Back on Windows & Mac


I lost my password? Where can I find it on my computer?

Ok so our home got wifi a while back and now we have a new computer. Most of our devices still worked with the wifi and stuff. I deleted the wifi off one of my devices and now i can't remember my wifi password. I had a pc and now i have a mac. I did have it writtien down somewhere but i can't find it. How can i find it?

Solution for Windows:

1. Connect your computer to the router with an Ethernet cable.

2.Click on to open an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.

3. Enter the website login address or the router's IP address, which is usually

4. Then it will pull up the router setup page and a box to type in the username and password.

5. If you never have a new password, then it will be the admin password with user name and password.

6. If you have set a password on a router and forgot it, or the router is bought or adopted from someone, you can reset the router to its default settings when I lost my password.

7. Find the little reset button, which is usually a small hole.

8. If you shove the end of a paper clip or a pencil in it and hold for a few seconds, it will be reset.

9. Then check the normal router setup process.

10. Wait for a couple of minutes for the setup.

11. Check for updates.

12. Set a new encryption key.

13. Look for the tab that handles the wireless settings.

14. On the same page you can use to change the wireless password.

15. You can find a list of the encryption keys that you originally set.

16. Write down the code or copy and paste it into a word document or notepad.

17. The code will allow you to log onto your wireless Internet connection normally.

18. Look up the router in the Windows Connection Wizard and click it twice.

19. Enter the password and you are free to connect the Internet now!

Solution for Mac:

1. Open up System Preferences.

2. Choose Network.

3. Click Airport. Then you are going into the Airport control area of Mac OS X.

4. Click Configure, and you'll find a list of all the different networks.

5. Pick the network you need and click on the EDIT button.

6. Then a new window will show up with specific information of the network.

7. Click on the Show Password checkbox.

8. Now you can see the password. Maybe it will be a little confusing and complex, because it's a hex ASCII password instead of a mnemonic word or name. Whatever, what you need is to write it down or copy it.

9. Now you know the password, so you can get into the wireless wifi network. What you need to do is when you are prompted for a password to access the network, just type the password or paste it into the new configuration. No matter what password they change or how often they do, you can gain access the wireless wifi network easily, as they never change the password!

As I have said above, there are other methods which can find wifi password too. If you think the methods above are too complicated, you can download a password recovery software, such as PowerSuite Golden to help you if you have ever used the password on your computer.