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How to Recover Hotmail Password

Forgot hotmail password?

One day, suddenly, you forgot your hotmail password. What to do? Never use hotmail again? Of course not. So having a backup is very important, as well as knowing how to find your hotmail password. Fortunately, Windows Live Hotmail can help. Going through a process of authorization, it allows you to recover hotmail password. Read the article and remember the method, or you can download the password recovery software to help you. Then you will have no worry anymore.

Recover Hotmail Password with authorization of Windows Live Hotmail:

If you have a secondary email address or remember the answers of the secret questions, you can find hotmail password directly once you forgot your hotmail password.

1. Open to the Windows Live Hotmail password reset page.

2. Type your Windows Live Hotmail address under Windows Live ID.

3. Enter the characters under Characters.

4. Press Continue.

5. Press Provide account information and answer your secret question.

6. If your browser or Hotmail still log you into your account automatically and you want to change your (forgotten) password, press Send yourself a password reset e-mail message and press Send Message. If you have provided an alternative email address for your Windows Live Hotmail account, you can also send the password reset email to that address. Choose Send yourself a password reset e-mail message and press Send Message.

7. Enter the desired location information.

8. Enter the answer to the secret question.

9. Press Continue.

10. Enter the desired new password and confirm it.

11. Press Continue.

12. Press Done.

Recover Hotmail Password with Password Recovery Software:

If you have neither a secondary email address associated with your Windows Live Hotmail account nor a secret question (or a satisfying answer to it), or you think the methods above are too complicated, you can download the PowerSuite Golden software to help you.

Spotmau PowerSuite Golden is such an outstanding password recovery software for hotmail password. It helps you easily retrieve lost or forgotten passwords on Hotmail, MSN, MSN Mail, Windows Live Mail etc. No matter how long is your password, your hotmail password will be searched instantly.

Reset Hotmail Password:

If the situation is that you know the correct password, but someone has hacked into your account and change the password, you have to reset your hotmail password now.

1. You have to log in to start, rather than clicking on any sort of link in a mail message or on other website. Make sure that you start by typing in hotmail.com in the top field of your browser.

2. After you enter the Hotmail website, you'll see the Options button on the right corner. Click on it.

3. In order to reset Hotmail password , you need to click on the button at the very end of the box, More options. Then you can see two more choices.

4. Choose the first one.

5. It will ask you the password of Window Live Messenger.

6. Type the password, and click on the sign in button.

7. Now you'll be on the page of account.live.com. Remember to check whether the URL in your browser is the one of yours. Then you'll see a windows showing the information of your Hotmail account.

8. In order to reset Hotmail password , you have to click the blue button "Change" immediately adjacent to my password.

9. Type your current password. And then you can type the new password twice, in order to confirm it. Then click on the Save button.

10. Now you have reset your password, but first you have to log in again.