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All about IE Password Recovery

Wouldn't you frustrate to try to access to various websites with different passwords? Internet Explorer offers a feature to help you resolve this issue. When you visit a site that requires a user ID and password, sometimes Internet Explorer will ask if you want to save the information. If you choose to store user ID/password, then IE will help you remember all the information. The passwords will then be automatically entered every time you visit the site again.

On the other hand, it is also a risk as you are easy to rely on IE and forget your passwords over times. If you clear out passwords that were previously saved by mistaking or have to reinstall your computer system, all the passwords saved by IE will be lost. Then how to recover IE password? The best solution is to export your IE passwords to text file with an IE password recovery tool, and backup your IE passwords.

Recover your lost IE Password with IE Password Recovery Tool:

PowerSuite Golden is such an outstanding password recovery program for you. It helps you easily find passwords automatically. No matter how long and complicated is your password, your ID and passwords saved by IE will display in seconds, such as MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Search Engine and Online shopping accounts etc.

ie password recovery

Run on the program and hit the "Password Finder" Tab on the left column of the main window. The Password Finder Window pops up, here choose which kind of password you would like to find from the Tools list. Then click "Next" and your password will display in an easy to read format. Hit "Export" button to export your passwords to text file for backup.

Note: It is important that the password you are trying to recover is stored on your computer.

IE AutoComplete Password Storage

You can control what information the Internet Explorer AutoComplete feature stores, or turn ON/Off AutoComplete completely, by following these steps:

1. In an Internet Explorer browser window, click the "Tools";

2. Click the "Internet Options";

3. Click the "Content Tab";

4. Click the "AutoComplete" button;

5. You can select or de-select different types of information to store in AutoComplete:

• Web addresses stores URL's that you type and automatically tries to complete them the next time so you don't have to type the whole thing each time.

• Stores data such as your address and phone number to try to help populate form fields so you don't have to re-type the same information every time.

• User names and passwords on forms store the usernames and passwords for sites you visit and automatically enter them when you visit the site again. There is a sub-option to check so that Internet Explorer will prompt you each time rather than automatically saving passwords. You can use this if you want to use the feature, but not save passwords for more sensitive sites such as your bank account.

6. Click the General Tab, click Delete, and then click Delete forms or Delete passwords, to clear out passwords that were previously saved.