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Recover MSN Password with MSN Password Finder

If you used Windows Live Hotmail or MSN more often, your browser and Windows Live Hotmail itself can help you remember MSN password. However, it occurs that you ever lose access to your account because you forget the arcane combination of numbers and letters after you re-install and re-configure the operating system.

Of course, you can create a new account of Windows Live Hotmail easily, but you’ll miss all the data and your MSN friends in the old account at the same time. How to recover MSN password? You can get the best choice for you to get the password with or without MSN password finder after reading the article.

Recover your lost MSN Password with authorization:

It is available to reset your Windows Live Hotmail password only if you remember your secondary email address or secret question and answer. Follow the steps to get your old password or create a new one.

• Click on "Forgot your password?" and go to the Windows Live Hotmail password reset page;

• Type your Windows Live Hotmail address under Windows Live ID;

• Enter the 6 characters you see in the picture under Characters;

• Click Provide account information and answer your secret question:

1. If you have provided an alternate email address for your Windows Live Hotmail account, you can also send the password reset email to that address. Choose "Send yourself a password reset e-mail message". Then click "Send Message".

2. If you still remember the secret questions and the responding answers, just enter the answer to the secret question under "Secret Answer". Then Click "Continue".

• Click "Done", then you can retrieve your MSN password.

Recover your lost MSN Password with MSN Password Finder

If you have neither a secondary email address associated with your Windows Live Hotmail account nor a secret question (or a satisfying answer to it), you can still find MSN password with a MSN password finder immediately.

PowerSuite Golden is such an outstanding password recovery program for any MSN account. It helps you easily retrieve lost or forgotten passwords on MSN, MSN Mail, Hotmail, Windows Live Mail etc. No matter how long is your password, your MSN password will be searched instantly.

msn password recovery

Launch the program and click on the "Password Finder" Tab on the left column of the main window. The Password Finder Window pops up, here choose the first one on the Tools list. Then click "Next" and your password will display in an easy to read format. Hit "Export" button to save your passwords in txt format for recovering MSN password in the future.

Note: It is important that the password you are trying to recover is stored on your computer.