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All about Outlook Password Recovery

Microsoft Outlook is a part of the Microsoft Office suite, often used as an e-mail application and personal information manager. MS Outlook saves all its information in PST file format. All your documents like e-mail, attachments, tasks, notes, journals and other outlook objects are saved in the file with .PST file extension, and you may need to set Outlook password to those personal or business confidential and important PST files.

You set password-protection for MS Outlook account to prevent your Outlook emails from unauthorized access. But you may feel worrisome if forgot Outlook password and login information and couldn’t get access to your own important documents. Then you need to find some way to resolve Outlook password recovery.

Various reasons behind you to forget Outlook password:

• Use MS Outlook for multiple e-mail accounts with different passwords;

• Lost the page where your password was written;

• Use MS Outlook after some time and forget the password.

If you haven’t properly written down your Outlook password, how much loss and inconvenience will you suffer? All your daily important emails, contacts, appointments, tasks and meetings are all lost. You may have spent long hours on retrieving Outlook password, but Outlook do not accept your incorrect password. Then the best solution is Outlook password recovery program, which will help you to recovers all lost passwords for all e-mail accounts created in MS Outlook.

Outlook password recovery tool

Today our highly recommended Outlook password recovery tool is Spotmau PowerSuite Golden. It is an outstanding Outlook password recovery program for your Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express etc. With its user-friendly wizard interface, you can retrieve and reset Outlook passwords easily. Even kids can handle with it. It supports MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and all versions of Microsoft Outlook Express.

outlook password recovery

Launch the program and click on the "Password Finder" Tab on the left column of the main window. The Password Finder Window pops up, here choose to find your lost passwords of Outlook / Microsoft Outlook Express on the Tools list. Then click "Next" and your password will display in an easy to read format. Hit "Export" button to export your Outlook passwords to a txt file for recovering Outlook passwords in the future.

Note: It is important that the password you are trying to recover is stored on your computer.