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Reasons of Banning the Feature Remember Passwords


When we log in online account, Internet Explorer often ask us if we want to remember password, so next time we will not have to log in to enter the user name and password. This function is called “remember password”. Most people would answer "yes", because it is very convenient, and save a lot of time. However, actually the remember password feature is very dangerous. The Internet Explorer is not security. The guy who can access to your computer can easily log in to your account, which means your privacy is exposed to the eyes of the hackers! Therefore, please make the remember password function prohibited.

Reasons & Analysis:

Reason 1: Internet Explorer is not security and can be easily hacked by many programs.

Analysis: actually, Internet Explorer stores all of the user names and passwords which you allow it to remember in a single flat-file, which is not secure and can be easily hacked by many programs. As a result, when you check the remember password option in the Windows Internet Explorer, you just opened yourself up to a mess of potential problems.

Reason 2: Many password managing tools can gain access to Internet Explorer to get the passwords.

Analysis: If someone installs a password managing tool to your computer, he can see all of your user names and passwords easily. It wouldn’t take a little bit technically competency to steal the private information. Imagine that everybody can log into your computer, gain access to your online email box, bank account, car insurance, or other place where you choose remember password. As a result, remember to say no to the remember password feature.

If you lost your password or forget it, please don't worry too much, you can use password finder tools such as PowerSuite Golden, to recover your passwords and reset it with another safer passwords.