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Steps To Recover Lost PST Password

Enforcing PST (Personal Storage File) password protection to prevent against prying eyes that may harm the privacy of important e-mails stored in the file. By far, it is the most reliable method to preclude the undesired and unauthorized access. But as happens to all, a PST owner can lose or forget the password and lose the ability to open or access e-mails from the file. For any user with important data in such files, the experience can turn to be more upsetting if it finds no suitable backup to restore. To help users in such situations, there are various PST Password Recovery applications.

Let's take an example to clarify such problems and steps to recover the lost PST password. A user configures Microsoft Outlook to receive all e-mails of business use. As a result, the PST file piles up with some of very important and confidential e-mails that should not be disclosed. Thus to add a safety net, the user applies a complex password and doesn't save it in password list. Also, it doesn't save this password anywhere on paper or in any file.

The next time, when he tries to open the password-protected PST, but forgot the PST password. As a result, all the e-mails and other PST items remain inaccessible to the user.

Instructions to Recover Lost PST Password:

Following the standard steps in sequence can help a user to recover lost or forgotten PST password.

Step 1: Take your time and try to recollect the password. Most of the users keep a definite set of passwords for their files. Try to unlock the file using the most frequent passwords you use.

Step 2: Download and install pst19upg.exe utility from the Internet and use it to upgrade your PST. Ideally, this is a Microsoft provided program to update the file but the resultant file it generates is free from password protection.

Step 3: Use a third-party application to recover Lost PST Password. These Password Recovery utilities provide an easily operable interface. Such software usually generate a series of PST usable passwords.

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