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How to Remove PST Passwords


PST, also called personal folders, is a kind of Microsoft file which need passwords to open it. However, if the user has forgotten their passwords or left it somewhere, they can use a program called "pst19upg.exe" which was used to upgrade old versions of PST files to the later version. One side effect of such change is that it can remove PST passwords. As a result, using pat10upg is a convenient way to get access to the data in PST files.


1. Make a copy of the PST file which you want to get access, which will ensure that if it does go wrong you won’t lose anything.

2. Make sure you have at lease three times space the size of the PST file in the temporary free disk.

3. Download the program pst19upg.exe from the Internet.

4. Find out the program scanpst.exe. It can be found in all systems with Outlook installed. You can search for it by using the built in tools if it isn't on your start menu.

5. Copy the program pst19upg.exe into the recovery free space.

6. Copy the target PST file into the recovery free space, because there is the possibility the program may corrupt the contents of the PST file, so make sure to use a copy of the file.

7. Remember to close Outlook completely before you copy the file.

8. Run scanpst.exe against the copy of PST file.

9. Press Repair, if prompted.

10. Open a Command Prompt and change into drive/directory of the recovery free space.

11. At the command prompt, type pst19upg.exe -x filename.pst.

12. Press enter.

13. A progress bar will appear. Wait for a couple of minutes.

14. The program will create a file from the target PST file and name it filename.psx.

15. When complete, rename the original pst file to something else.

16. At the command prompt, type pst19upg.exe -i filename.psx.

17. Press enter.

18. The progress bar will appear one more time.

19. The program now will create a password free PST file.

20. Run scanpst.exe against the recovered PST file.

21. Press Repair if prompted.

22. Test access to file using Outlook, and then return it to the client.

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