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Setting an Administrator Account Password for Security

What is an Administrator Account?

The Administrator account is a default account on the newly install of Windows XP. It has full right to change facets of the system and the users have full control. However, if the user creates another account, the administrator account will be unavailable at the next boot of the computer. According to Microsoft, the very first thing you should do with a new computer is to create a limited user account, which is for other users who have free reign over your system.

However, for the owner himself, it's inconvenient to log into a separate account all the time just to install a program or perform some other procedure which couldn’t be done in the limited user account. To solve such problem, the solution is to create an account with administrator privileges and use a administrator password to protect it.

Instructions to Set an Administrator Account Password:

For the Windows XP Home users:

1. Reboot your computer into Safe Mode.

2. Choose the Administrator account which now is available.

3. When Windows finishes loading, go to Control Panel.

4. Seclect User Accounts.

5. Select the Administrator account.

6. Now you can set a password for your Administrator account.

7. Type your administrator password.

8. Reboot the computer.

For the Windows XP Profession users:

1. Open the Start menu.

2. Press Run.

3. Type MMC in the Run field.

4. Select OK.

5. Then you will see the MMC (Microsoft Management Console) interface.

6. Choose File.

7. Select Add Snap In from the Add Snap In Window.

8. Choose ADD from the bottom.

9. Choose Users and Groups from the list.

10. When the Users and Groups plug-in is working, select CLOSE at the bottom of the Add Stand Alone Snap-In window.

11. Expand the Users and Groups in the left panel.

12. Highlighting the Users Folder.

13. Right click on the Administrator account and choose Set Password.

14. You may get a warning message about lost data on certain folders. Don’t worry, just press OK.

15. Now the administrator password has set.