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How to Set a Firefox Master Password to Protect Passwords

We all know that Firefox has a feature which can remember your user names and passwords of the website you have registered. However, if you share your computer with others, of course you don’t want others to access your accounts freely. In the case, you need a master password. Once you have set a Firefox master password, you will be prompted to enter it once Firefox needs to access your stored passwords, which means you are safe to share the computer with others and have no need to remember so many passwords!

Instructions to Set a FireFox Master Password:

1. Normally, Firefox does not use master passwords to protect the stored passwords. If you want to set a protection, you can define a master password. The master password only needs to be entered once Firefox wants to access your stored passwords.

2. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the Tools menu.

3. Select Options.

4. Click on the Security icon.

5. Mark Use a master password.

6. A Change Master Password dialog will appear. You will be asked to enter the password. To create a quality password, your master password should be at least one capital letter, one or more digits, at least one non-alphanumeric character, such as @ # $ % ^ & * ( ). In addition, remember to make your password easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess, which ensures that only you will be able to retrieve the secure information.

7. You will be asked to enter the passwords twice to confirm that you can enter it consistently.

8. After setting the master password, click OK.

9. The master password is defined.

If you don't use the Firefox master password, and you set lots of passwords to protect your accounts but now meet the problem of forgetting the password, Try to recover passwords with password recovery software.

If you lost your password or forget it, please don't worry too much, you can use password finder tools such as PowerSuite Golden, to recover your passwords and reset it with another safer passwords.