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Use System Password to Protect Computer

Even though we can set Windows user password, the hackers still can get into our computers within two minutes. Yes, that’s the truth, no matter whether you want to accept it. Fortunately, there are other ways to protect our computers, but it is just for advanced users only, which is to set a system password to protect your computer. It’s not the Windows setting. Instead, it’s the motherboard setting. However, some computer maybe couldn’t work, because it requires the system have an option of settings for password protection. OK, now let’s learn how to set a system password to protect your computer.

Instructions to Set a System Password:

1. When you boot your computer, find the instructions for running or entering setup. Usually they are at the bottom of the screen. Mostly you can press the delete key and then it will enter the setup right after the memory test. Remember, the setup is before windows starts running, so be quick.

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2. Then the screen will turn to the setup page. Choose system security or passwords.

3. Select password setup.

4. Type the new password, and then confirm it.

5. Click on the Exit item or press Esc to exit the system settings.

6. You'll probably be asked if you wish to save the new settings, say yes.

7. Your computer will re-boot and ask you for a system password from now on.

If you are Windows XP user, and you want to require users log in, it is a little difficult to bypass.

1. Go to the Control Panel.

2. Select User Accounts.

3. Choose Change the Way Users Log on and off.

4. If the "Use Welcome Screen" box is checked, click to de-select, which will bring up a password protected logon screen for all users.

If you lost your password or forget it, please don't worry too much, you can use password finder tools such as PowerSuite Golden, to recover your passwords and reset it with another safer passwords.