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Yahoo Messenger Password Recovery

There are many reasons you might need to recover Yahoo Messenger Password. If you don’t access to your Yahoo account often, or maybe you use different passwords for several password-related website. No matter what’s the reason, it is not the problem to find your Yahoo Messenger Password.

You can recover your Yahoo! Messenger password through several methods, such as submitting your request to Yahoo for the password to be sent to the account's registered email address, or using Yahoo Messenger password recovery software.

Recover your password through Yahoo!

When requesting a new password to be sent to your email address, Yahoo! will ask you to verify your identity by several questions, follow the steps to reset Yahoo messenger password.

• Go to the Yahoo login page and click "I can’t access my account";

• Type your Yahoo! ID and the code shown in the picture;

• Enter your date of birth, zip code and country:

Click "Done", then you can reset your Yahoo Messenger password.

Recover your password through your Web Browser

You may always store your passwords in Window Internet Explorer, then you have one more choice to get find your Yahoo Messenger password with software program like IE key, but the software may not guarantee password recovery if the password was not initially stored in the browser or has been deleted.

Recover your password through Yahoo Messenger password recovery tool

Maybe there's a really important message waiting for you in your Yahoo! Mail account, you can’t wait for Yahoo to verify your identity, or even you forgot your date of birth, zip code and country. Or you never store your passwords in Window Internet Explorer. Then the password recovery tool is what you need.

Spotmau Password Kit is such an outstanding PowerSuite Golden for your Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger password etc. No matter how long and complicated is your password, your Yahoo! Messenger password will be searched in seconds.

yahoo messenger password recovery

Launch the program and click on the "Password Finder" Tab on the left column of the main window. The Password Finder Window pops up, here choose to find your lost passwords of Yahoo! Mail / Yahoo! Messenger password on the Tools list. Then click "Next" and export password as a .y8pd file by clicking "Extract Password Data". If you forget your password and can’t sign in, all you need to do is clicking "Restore Password Data". Click "Open" and you can run Yahoo Messenger again.

Note: It is important that the password you are trying to recover is stored on your computer.