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Registry Cleaner
Registry Cleaner

94% of Computer and Windows errors and slowing down are caused by Registry Errors! Spotmau Registry Cleaner is the easy answer to all your Windows registry problems. This award winning software will deep scan your registry to identify problems and fix Your PC's errors, boost your PC's Speed, improve your PC's performance and prevent crashes & freezes.

Note: Program discontinued,please get PowerSuite Gloden instead!




Registry redundancy and errors are the top reasons for computer slow down and freeze. Registry Cleaner is the easy answer to all your Windows registry problems.

  • Diagnose & Fix Your PC's Errors: Spotmau Registry Cleaner, with Advanced Technology of Potential Error Scan & Repair, safely clean out redundant files and repair errors caused by registry.
  • Boost Your PC's Speed: Spotmau Registry Cleaner clean, fix and optimizes your registry deeply and completely. Greatly optimizes and cut down on your CPU and Memory Usage, increase your PC speed as new.
  • Improve Your PC's Performance: Deeply clean out stray files, orphaned startup tasks, corrupted drivers and obsolete registry entries automatically with Spotmau Registry Cleaner, you will see a great improvement in the performance of your PC.
  • Prevent Crashes & Freezes: Spotmau Registry Cleaner clean out all unstable registry entries and fixes all corrupted so that you no longer have to suffer random pc crashes & freezes every minute. Enjoy a good life.
  • Keep your PC like a New: Spotmau Registry Cleaner Cleans out all unstable, corrupt, missing and unnecessary registry entries to keep your PC's registry in pristine condition, increase your PC's speed and performance. Keep your PC like a new one. Save your hundreds of dollars to upgrade your computer hardware!

"94% of computers have corrupt, unused, and possibly harmful files."

Key Benefits

  •  Scan Windows Registry deeply and completely
  •  Scan & Fix Missing Dll errors
  •  Scan & Fix Invalid Applications errors
  •  Scan & Fix Invalid X/COM errors
  •  Scan & Fix Invalid Installer errors
  •  Scan & Clean out Unused Files, Obsolete softwares and MUI Cache
  •  Scan & Speed up your PC with Optimizes Start Menu, Clean out invalid icon, etc.
  •  Registry Backup & Restore
  •  Support All Windows including Windows 2000, Xp, Vista and Windows 7
  •  Permanently wipe data from partition/disk. No one can recovery your data.


"So smart to clean and fix my Windows Registry, it's very useful to me!"
"I think everybody should use this product. It's a great helpful tool to clean my Windows registry and speed up my older computer!"
(United Kingdom)
"It's great! I use it to scan my computer every day from I got this product!"
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"94% of computers have corrupt, unused, and possibly harmful files."


Spotmau - customerCustomer Reviews

" Thanks for making it so easy - best software purchase I've ever made. " (United States)
" I have only basic knowledge of computers but have already fixed two machine, one of which the local PC workshop advised that the hard disk beyond redemption. " (Australia)
" I never stop telling people around me to purchase this magnificent product. The only CD with all necessary tools to analyze and cure a machine with troubles. " (United Kingdom)

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