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Windows recovery & repair related tutorials and tips, offering solutions to all Windows crash and booting problems including booting failure, virus effection, blue/black screen, and more. You can backup your Windows for the worst misfortunes that may happen, and rescue it by restore. Windows troubleshooting tricks here enable even beginners to fix various critical computer problems as an expert without any tech skill required.

How to Fix Computer Crash Issues

Computers crash, hang, or freeze? Fixing them is not only an expert job now. Even a novice user can fix computer crash problem with ease. Copy steps now!

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death

Don’t worry even when you get the blue screen of death. It’s not a big deal or such experts’ job any more. With the right way, anyone can fix it at ease.

Hard Drive Crash Recovery-How to Fix Hard Drive Crash

Hard drive crashed and all data lost! This happens sometime, and no need to worry. Crashed hard drive can be repaired and lost data can be recovered.

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NV4_DISP.DLL Blue Screen-How to Fix Nv4_disp.dll Blue Screen Error

NV4_Disp.dll Blue Screen error occurs when NVIDIA graphic drivers does not functions properly. This guide will help you fix it easily and rapidly.

NTFS.SYS Blue Screen-How to Fix Ntfs.sys Blue Screen Error

Encountered an NTFS.sys blue screen error? Follow this guide here to get this problem over by yourself immediately and safely

Blue Screen 1033-How to Fix Blue Screen1033

Blue screen 1033 error? It will be a great experience to fix blue screen 1033 error by yourself without others help. Follow this guide and you are done.

IASTOR.SYS Blue Screen-How to Fix Iastor.sys Blue Screen Error

Stop Error in IASTOR.SYS! this iastor.sys blue screen error annoys computer users often. Get this full steps to fix it immediately and easily.

WIN32K.SYS Blue Screen-How to Fix Win32k.sys Blue Screen Error

If you experience the Win32k Sys Blue Screen a lot, then this article would be helpful for you to fix it at any time by yourself.

How to Fix Nvlddmkm.sys Blue Screen Error

The irritating nvlddmkm.sys crash must have bothered quite a few people. Now this guide shared here will make you free of this bothering error from now on.

Blue Screen 0x0000007b-How to Fix Blue Screen 0x0000007b

Has blue screen 0x0000007b error on your computer? This guide here is helping you to fix this blue screen error rapidly and easily by yourself.

Blue Screen Driver IRQL-How to Fix Driver Irql Blue Sreen Error

Keep getting a blue screen with DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL error message on your computer? Don’t worry. Follow this guide and fix it easily by yourself.

Bad_Pool_Caller Blue Screen-How to Fix Bad_pool_caller Blue Screen Error

Get a blue screen with bad_pool_caller error on your computer? Instead of taking it to a computer clinic, you can do it yourself. Follow the guide here.

Windows XP Keeps Rebooting-How to Solve It

Windows keeps rebooting? This can be caused by a wide range of reasons. Here is the detailed guide for you to fix this restarting problem by yourself.