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How to Fix D3dx9_29.dll Error and Download D3dx9_29.dll

What’s D3dx9_29.dll error?

D3dx9_29.dll error is a common DLL error that originates with D3dx9_29.dll file. It’s mostly brought by registry errors, computer virus, low disk space, etc. When your computer is running into this error, you are suggested not to fix it manually, even you are a computer expert. The best way to fix D3dx9_29.dll error is to handle with it by using a professional and effective D3dx9_29.dll error tool.

Main reasons causing D3dx9_29.dll errors

• D3dx9_29.dll is missing or corrupted
• You try to install a program that is buggy
• D3dx9_29.dll is accidentally replaced by a corrupt file
• Windows registry problems
• Hard disk error that may corrupt DLL and program files
• Malware, Virus or spyware infection that may add malicious codes to files and generate errors

How to fix D3dx9_29.dll error

1. Uninstall buggy programs

If the D3dx9_29.dll error is caused by a buggy program, you need to uninstall it from your computer. You can remove it from Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs, choosing the program and click to remove.

2. Clean Windows registry

Registry file damaging or corruption is always being a serious and common issue between various DLL files, including D3dx9_29.dll of course. Little bit error in registry can cause severe errors on your PC system. You can choose a registry cleaner to clear all registry errors on your computer, and then this D3dx9_29.dll error would disappear. PowerSuite Golden is a nice choice. It can deep scan all vital files on your system and report all errors. You only need to perform 1 click to fix them all. Great for both computer naives and experts.

3. Download a D3dx9_29.dll

Getting a new D3dx9_29.dll file to replace the damaged or corrupt one on your computer is a nice choice. But the point needed to pay attention is that there are lots of D3dx9_29.dll file for downloading online. To choose a right and correct one appears very important. Because incorrect D3dx9_29.dll file may generate worse problem for your computer.