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Blue Screen 0x0000007b-How to Fix Blue Screen 0x0000007b

While computers are supposed to be easy to use these days, this ease of use abruptly stops once you cross over to technical issues that deal with errors. In fact, this holds true especially for errors such as the blue screen 0x0000007b. Also known as the blue screen of death, the blue screen 0x0000007b error generally occurs when Windows is unable to read from any particular device it should be booting from. Keep in mind that this does not only have to be from your hard drive, as you can also get the blue screen stop 0x0000007b error if Windows is trying to access one of the CD drives, which is the case if you are looking to install a copy of this operating system onto your hard drive. While this problem can randomly occur, and then just as quickly disappear and never to be seen again, in most cases it signifies that there is something seriously wrong, and if you don't do anything quickly about it, you could find yourself losing a lot of important data.

It is possible to fix the blue screen of death by going online and doing a search for the answer, however, you will find that it can be quite a gruesome task, as the solution isn't that straightforward. A better approach to fix the blue screen 0x0000007b error is by utilizing an application that has been designed solely for this purpose, as this will ensure that all the right steps are taken to fix the problem so that your computer can once again be rebooted. One particular application that is known to be very effective is Spotmau PowerSuite Golden. The way in which this application works is by inserting a flash drive or other external drive into one of your USB ports, and then letting the application do its magic by fixing the error and helping to reboot the computer once again.

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In fact, you will find that PowerSuite Golden can fix numerous types of computer crashes and errors. For example, besides allowing your computer to reboot from a blue screen 0x0000007b error, it is also able to fix problems such as the "ntldr is missing" and "bootmgr is missing" errors. Aside from being able to fix different types of crashes and errors, this application is also perfect for rescuing data that can occur from a damaged computer, and can even help to reset your Windows admin and user past words in case you had forgotten them. When you consider how beneficial this application can be for potential issues such as the ones mentioned above, you can see just how it is able to save you a lot of money in the long run, as you won't have to keep on sending your computer to a PC clinic every time an issue like this occurs.