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How to Rebuild When Boot.ini is Missing

This article will shows you how to check the boot.ini is missing or just hidden, and you will learn how to manually rebuild boot.ini with ease.

Boot.ini is Missing, Really?

The boot.ini is the protected operating system file. It's usually hidden from users. But with "msconfig" program, you could ensure the boot.ini is lost (so rebuild it) or just hidden from your eyes.

1. Click Start -> Run and input "msconfig" to open it. Normally, you will see the boot.ini tab in the open up dialog. If the Boot.ini tab is missing in MSCONFIG dialog as below, the boot.ini file is definitely lost. By the way, here you could also edit boot.ini file safely without possible typo mistakes.

boot.ini missing

2. You also can verify it by typing "C:Boot.ini" in "Start", run dialog. If you get a message saying "Access Denied" or something similar, your boot.ini is missing.

How to Rebuild the Missing Boot.ini File?

Well, the truth is that you have really got boot.ini lost. What can you do with it now?

1. Insert the Microsoft Windows XP/2000 CD into the computer.
2. Restart the computer and press any key when prompted to press any key to boot from the CD.
3. Once in the Microsoft Setup menu press R to open the recovery console, and select the operating system you wish to use.
4. Enter the Admin password and press enter when prompted.
5. When the command line dialog appears, input 'bootcfg /rebuild' to start the rebuild process.
6. Next you need to confirm the versions of Windows installed. Note that this command will only detect Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT installations.
7. Enter the system description. For example, Microsoft Windows XP Professional users would enter "Microsoft Windows XP Professional edition".
8. Enter OS load options. You could input '/fastdetect' to automatically detect the available options.
9. When all the available options complete, type 'exit' to restart the computer.

Boot.ini Missing Tips

1. If you are prompted by following message. You may not need to reinstall hal.dll (Hardware Abstraction Layer). Instead, your system probably just have no boot.ini file. Try the above solution to rebuild it and start again.

"Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
%windows root%system32hal.dll"

2. After repaired the boot.ini missing problem, still can't boot up the Windows system? The chances are that some problems happened to your computer. You could try PowerSuite Golden to boot up your system and fix problems. PowerSuite can boot up any computer unless your computer hardware is damaged.