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Boot Error-How to Fix Computer Boot Error

If you are receiving a boot error on your PC at start up or you are getting a blue or black screen, it does not mean that your computer is dead or your data is lost forever. It can easily be recovered with SpotmauPowerSuite Golden. It is compatible with any recent Windows® application including Windows 7®, XP® (both 32 and 64 bit) and Vista®. There is also a Mac® Version available. You can use either the USB or CD to reboot your computer. It will rescue any data and create a backup file of all your important saved documents.

You can also create a clone, format and partition Windows® and provide a new user/administrator password. The Spotmau PowerSuite Golden is user friendly. Someone without previous experience and understand and follow the easy step-by-step instructions. The boot error will disappear and it will deep wipe the hard drive and re-install the Windows® application you were using. The program will restore your computer to its maximum efficiency even if you are getting disk read error on boot up. It will also restore the hard drive if it has crashed, will not boot, or you cannot get into Windows® for any other reason.

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The SpotmauPowerSuite Golden uses Microsoft WinPE® technology that will restore your information if you are experiencing a disk read error on boot up. It will create a complete set of solutions for the Windows® recovery if the PC has crashed. No matter how corrupted the data files may be all the data can be recovered. If your PC is damaged beyond repair, then it will be able to transfer all files to an external hard drive. If you should decide replace your PC, the program will wipe the memory clean and prevent recovery to a new owner.