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Windows Crash-How to Fix Crash Windows

Spotmau PowerSuite Golden is a type of software that rescues you from a Windows crash disaster. Whenever you crash Windows, you can use Spotmau PowerSuite Golden to boot your computer and easily fix computer problems. It comes as a bootable CD and it allows you to save your lost data from the Windows crash. This program simplifies repair procedures with just a few clicks.

There are many reasons why you should buy this software. The main reason is so that you don't have to pay for an expensive repair technician. Reasons why a computer crashes include corrupted files and bad registry entries. It is also possible that your computer crashed from static electricity due to an excessive amount of dust in the computer. Dust serves as an insulator that locks in heat, which is a commonly known to crash Windows. To remedy the overheating issue that may be causing your computer to crash, just get a can of air and blow out the dust. It is advisable to do periodical cleaning of your computer by removing the dust from the fan and the rest of the computer components.

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To fix your computer, all you need to do is insert the boot CD that PowerSuite Golden offers into your computer and then boot up your computer. Both Windows XP and Windows Vista have good tools to help you determine why the computer crashed. When your computer boots up, you will need to navigate to the system logs to find out if there are any errors. You can do this by clicking on Start > Control Panel > Systems Maintenance > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer. In the Windows log files, click on the System tab to check for errors. Even if you can't figure out why it crashed, you can use Spotmau PowerSuite Goldento solve the majority of your problems.