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NTFS.SYS Blue Screen-How to Fix Ntfs.sys Blue Screen Error

BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors are one of the worst kinds you can possibly encounter on a PC and is usually a result of one of the components failing, preventing further operation. The ntfs.sys blue screen isn't actually that common, but happens often enough on Windows XP systems, particularly when converting the hard disk format from the FAT system, which is older, to the newer NTFS format. The "Missing or corrupt Ntfs.sys" message on a ntfs.sys blue screen error is an indication that the driver needed to communicate with the hard disk has been corrupted or is missing completely. Because this error prevents the PC from loading the Windows OS after the BIOS environment, fixing the ntfs.sys blue screen error can be tricky. However, even if it isn't altogether that straightforward, fixing it is much easier with recovery tools like Spotmau PowerSuite Golden and its recovery features. Tools like these aren't actually required to fix the problem like the blue screen ntfs.sys error, but this makes it easier for less advanced users to operate within the familiar Windows GUI while providing in-depth tools for advanced users.

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To begin fixing the ntfs.sys blue screen error, insert the Windows XP installation CD or Spotmau PowerSuite Golden disk and restart the PC to boot from the CD. Once the setup welcome screen appears, press R to start using the recovery console. If your PC is set up to be able to boot from multiple OS's, you'll need to know the number that denotes each OS. In most cases though, there will only be one OS which is "1" be default. If this is the case, press "1" and then Enter to select the Windows OS partition you will be repairing. Type "cd windowssystem32drivers" and press Enter to access the folder containing the ntfs.sys file. Back it up first by renaming it to something else. An example is "ren ntfs.sys ntfs.old". This basically renames the "ntfs.sys" file to "ntfs.old". Then type "copy d:i386ntfs.sys c:windowssystem32drivers" to copy the working version of the ntfs,sys file to your Windows partition. Take note that the "D:" denotes the optical drive on your PC while "C:" denotes the hard drive, which can sometimes vary from PC to PC.

One disadvantage of working primarily without the additional resources that recovery programs like SpotmauPowerSuite Golden provide is the lack of more options once everything else have been exhausted. Even if programs like PowerSuite Golden can't repair the Windows installation say, because of a failed hard drive, it provides additional free tools to help recover any files that are still on the failed drive. It is also useful for IT support personnel, as you only need one CD to troubleshoot issues on PCs ranging from Windows 98 to Windows 7, whereas you would need one for each version without Spotmau PowerSuite Golden.