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WIN32K.SYS Blue Screen-How to Fix Win32k.sys Blue Screen Error

As we go through the day's routine, there are certain things that we just take for granted will happen. We open the faucet and expect the water to start flowing. Flip the light switch and light should flood the room. We turn on the computer and it should boot up just like it always has from the time you bought it. If any of these do not happen, then we have to find out what is wrong and find a solution for it. Turning on the computer is one things millions of people do everyday in their homes and in their offices. Sadly, on any given day, many of them will find their computer will not boot up and function as it usually does. In the middle of working on the computer, they can suddenly find themselves facing a win32k.sys blue screen. Many people ominously refer to the event as the win32k.sys blue screen of death. It gets its name from the fact that when it happens, it usually means the hard drive of the computer has crashed or failed. In some instances, this can mean the loss of all the data on the computer.

Many of us keep important files in our computers. One thing not many people do is back up their files. As such, when the win32k.sys blue screen occurs, we hope a solution can be found to get the computer working again. We also hope we can get our files back. There are many websites that walk people through how they can fix the win32k.sys blue screen on their own. It may be a good idea to start looking up these instructions and print them out. This will serve as a ready reference should you find yourself having to face the situation one day. One thing you can try on your own is to debug your computer. There are Windows debugging tools available online you can try that can resolve the problem.

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Or, you can resolve the situation by using a product such as Spotmau PowerSuite Golden. Once we are faced with the win32k.sys blue screen xp, what is paramount is to get the computer to boot up so we can back up our files. This is where Spotmau PowerSuite Goldenis a big help. You can use the CD to boot up your computer. This will give you the opportunity to back up your files. Even better, Spotmau PowerSuite Golden is also capable of helping you to repair the Windows installation easily. As such, not only will you have your files backed up, but you will also have a fully functioning computer in front of you. If Spotmau PowerSuite Golden fails to do this, there are quite a few free utilities it can provide to recover data from your PC.