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How to Repair Bad Sector

What are bad sectors and are they dangerous to my computer?

Hard drive is composed by lots of small sectors. A bad sector is a sector that becomes unusable due to the permanently physical damage. One or more sectors might go bad occasionally. One symptom from bad sectors is your hard drive may appear to run very slowly and take very long time to access files. If you are lucky, you only lose the data stored on these bad sectors. However if these bad sectors affect system files, your computer might become unstable or even crash in the next second.

Shocking truth is that every hard disk in the world (except the complete NEW disk just came out of factory) develops bad sectors eventually. Don’t be afraid. Just like your breakfast table cannot be 100% dirt free. A disk can not be bad sector free. Good thing is unless it affects system files or it becomes serious problem, you still got lots of good sectors to use.

What I can do with bad sectors on my computer?

Bad sectors are just like flu. It is very common but it can become lethal if you leave it there and do nothing.

Lesson 1: Do not disturb your computer while your hard drive is spinning.

Hard drive is a fragile device. It can be damaged by shaking, kicking, or frequently moving your computer around.

Lesson 2: Check and repair disk error.

Check your disk error frequently and repair bad sectors detected. Repairing bad sector does not turn a bad sector usable since the damage is physical and permanent. No one in the world can physically repair a bad sector. Repairing bad sector means marking the sectors as "unusable" so that your system knows and avoids these sectors. As we mentioned earlier, there are still tons of usable good sectors on your hard disk. Use "Disk Optimization" in Spotmau PowerSuite Golden to perform disk cleanup, error checking, and defragment. Error checking can automatically find bad sectors and repair them. Disk defragment analyzes and sorts out the fragments which can speedup your disk and increase the lifecycle of your hard disk.

Lesson 3: Recover Windows or data if system or disk crashes.

Got important data on your computer? As we explained earlier, if bad sectors affect system files or your disk has too many bad sectors, your system or disk can crashes. You can use “Windows Recovery” in Spotmau PowerSuite 2010 to recover your crashed Windows. Lots of “missing file” problems are also caused by bad sectors. “Windows Recovery” also provides recovery tools for missing file problems. You can use “Data Rescue” in Spotmau PowerSuite Golden to recover as many data on crashed disk as possible. Remember bad sectors are sector with physical damage. Data on the damaged sector can not be recovered. But one disk contains millions and thousands sectors, “Data Rescue” can rescue as many data as possible with advance raw rescue technology.

Lesson 4: Backup! Backup! And Backup! Do not wait until your data or disk crashes!

With so many family photos, important business documents, and purchased software applications on your computer, do not take the risk. There are three ways to backup. You can backup data only, which is fast. You can also backup system only. You can even “clone” everything including Windows, applications, and data to a new hard drive completely. With “clone”, you can restore everything with just one click when hard drive crashes. No need to reinstall Windows and applications one by one. Spotmau PowerSuite 2010 provides all three backup methods. You can choose to backup manually or even schedule backup automatically.

Besides the important files and software applications, do not forget to backup the passords that you need. You may have multiple accounts with different passwords, so it is not strange that you may forget some. Spotmau PowerSuite Golden can also help you easily recover MS Access passwords as well as MSN, Outlook, Yahoo Messenger Password etc.

Lesson 5: Keep track of the license keys for important software such as Windows and MS Office. They are not cheap!

The worst thing can happen. Sometimes your system can not be repaired at all. The only solution is to reinstall your Windows. First and most important question is do you still have the license key for your Windows? A Windows costs several hundred dollars. If you lost it, do not be afraid. We can get it for you. Spotmau PowerSuite Golden provides a very cute tool to retrieve Windows license key for the Windows installed on your hard drive. This tool works under two modes – under Windows and under Boot environment. So if your Windows or hard drive crashed and you can not get into Windows, you can boot from Spotmau PowerSuite Golden and takes yourWindows license key out. Pretty cool!


Understand better about bad sectors now? Your computer and Windows need lots of tender love. Maintaining a smoothly running computer is a tedious work and it can become very complicated. You need system optimization tools to keep it running smoothly and fast, disk management tools to manage or backup your data and disks, emergency rescue tools to rescue your Windows or data when your computer crashes, privacy and security tools to protect your private and confidential data from being accessed by others online or nearby. Spotmau PowerSuite Golden is an all-in-one suite providing all these functions. Spotmau understands a PC owner’s needs and designs this one stop solution. It is high quality and can meet any tech professional’s standard. Yet it is user friendly and easy for a PC beginner.