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How to Open DLL Files for Editing

Generally, users are not supposed to open DLL files, because there is actually no need for users to open DLL files, let alone editing the content. DLL files contain a collection of executable functions and information that can be used by lots of programs. So mistakenly opening and editing may cause some problems with program execution. It’s quite important to know exactly why you need to open the DLL file.

How to open DLL files for editing?

Though opening DLL files is not recommended, especially to beginners, there are still ways for those professionals who really need to open DLL for editing.

1. Open DLL files with Notepad

Using Notepad, this is the most common way for users to open a DLL file and view its content and it’s also considered as the best way. DLL files are a nice mix between scattered text and machine code. It all depends on the compiler and language used to create the DLL file. When you open it with the Notepad, you may find that just about every registry key the DLL pertains to, as well as other random bits are scattered throughout the file as well as being mixed in with machine code. If you are eager to read it under this condition, you can Google the key words you find in this Notepad, which may do help for you.

2. Open DLL files with software

There are also free and paid DLL openers helping to open DLL files and edit them. You can search lots of it online, such as free Resource Hacker. It is legal freeware, which is used for hacking into your own files, not for illegal third-party hacking. This program is well reviewed and is not known to have major bugs or glitches.
You can free download it here: http://get.soft32.com/download/index/id/3568.